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Product Launch – Takeda

How many workplace training programmes could be described as ‘remarkable’? How many are still talked about? Probably not too many. But not many workplace learning experiences feature chat shows and Olivier award-winning musical improvisation.

As part of its plans to launch a high-profile new product, a global pharmaceutical company asked PCA to create a learning programme worthy of its ground-breaking innovation.

We created a chat-show which challenged subject matter experts to engage the ‘studio’ audience about the new product – and reinforced it by breaking up the show with commercial breaks where the team’s creative energy combined to showcase the product in its best light.


One of the big challenges of new products is achieving the right kind of cultural and behavioural shifts. We developed a fun and effective way of approaching this using award-winning musical improvisation; something you have to experience to understand the phenomenal impact.

As a result, the team went into the new product launch energised, confident and full of ideas about how to deliver an extraordinary experience.


Remarkable… a high-impact and memorable experience that definitely won the hearts and minds of our people… a hugely impactful and enjoyable four days, which are still talked about today. I would not hesitate to use PCA again.


Senior director, global launch lead

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