Exposing the Sales Gap

Download our State of the Nation report summarising our consultation with leaders from global law firms as well as C-suite/GC buyers of legal services on the challenges faced by law firms in achieving growth, and the part sales capability and confidence amongst partners plays in this.

Online Panel: Accelerate Partner Sales Conversations with Senior Decision-makers


Watch our Video: Accelerating Partner Sales and BD conversations with CXO’s

Uncovering creative solutions to close the sales capabilities gap in the legal industry is a great undertaking. Tune into our panel dialogue and discover how partners can add more value to their main clients. Furthermore, gain access to strategies, tools, and approaches that will fuel growth and bring in more profits.

Exposing the sales gap

For the past few months, we have been gathering feedback from a wide array of our legal sector clients to determine the major stressors for their firms concerning business development and sales, which has been made more complicated due to current difficult circumstances. After analysing their input, we have identified four core areas of concern.

Partner poll survey 2023

There has been a notable increase in the sales gap within the legal industry since the onset of COVID-19, affecting both large and small law firms. This has been confirmed by our recent poll survey. Here are the key results.

5 Top Tips Partners should know for Business Development Conversations

Our speakers imparted so much knowledge, sharing thought-provoking insights, experiences and ideas that pushed everyone’s thinking to the next level. In case you missed it, here are some great insights from our panel of legal experts and CXO’s:

1.    It’s not about youit’s about the client – Reframe the conversation to focus on the client, not you or your firm. As a rule of thumb, 80% of the conversation should be listening to the client and asking about their needs, priorities and focus areas. 

2.    Preparation is Key  – Be informed know your client’s sector, their market position and read up on recent news.

3.    Beyond General Counsel – Be bold! Ask to meet with stakeholders beyond general counsel to unlock a wider view of the client’s vision for the future. Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Operations Officer are good places to start.

4.    The Power of Storytelling – Learn how to explain how your firm has added value to key clients with clear quantifiable business outcomes. Have some case studies to hand and avoid technical jargon.

5.    Big Picture thinking – Engage in wider conversations beyond legal. Ask questions about the wider business objectives and current challenges. Active interest and open questions will be enlightening and build deeper relationships.

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