Exposing the Sales Gap

Download our State of the Nation report summarising our consultation with leaders from global law firms as well as C-suite/GC buyers of legal services on the challenges faced by law firms in achieving growth, and the part sales capability and confidence amongst partners plays in this.


Defy expectations.

Discover extraordinary.

PCA Law creates unforgettable learning experiences so law firms and their people can grow together

How appraisals can be your secret weapon in retaining top talent

Award-winning legal sector specialists using scalable experiential learning to help lawyers, business service professionals and in-house counsel, internationally and nationally, build confidence and capabilities

9/10 leading global law firm brands

Weve partnered with 9 out of the 10* leading global law firm brands supporting lawyers and business service professionals at all levels

*Thomson Reuters 2022

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Law firms
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Our sister brand, PCA, is a global leader in experiential learning and has partnered with 150+ global companies across 16 sectors including some of the worlds most valuable FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 brands:

Our Areas of Expertise

We have 7 Growth Cycles, each full of legal sector specialist content designed specifically to help lawyers and business service professionals build human capabilities

PCA Law is part of
The Experiential Learning Group

Helping clients across the globe to develop their people capabilities using scalable experiential learning solutions. Our shared mission is to transform businesses, careers and lives, by democratising world-class experiential learning.

Specialist Legal Faculty

Our Specialist Legal Faculty all have a unique trilogy of skills – they all have a legal and commercial background, are experiential learning specialists and international facilitators.

They have delivered award-winning milestone programmes, development centres and curriculum programmes to lawyers and business service professionals at all levels, internationally, in our legal sector clients

Unlock the skills to become extraordinary in today’s legal and commercial environment

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