Why we need alone time


There is a misunderstood beauty in being alone.

Some of us are able to take a long walk in nature or sit outside with just ourselves for company.

Some can even go out to a fancy restaurant and dine in solitude.

But, many of us find a sense of fear in doing activities like this, without the company of another body.

Why is this?

Well, for many of us, "staying busy," (or appearing so) makes us feel at ease.

Our lives are filled with uncertainty and the less control we give ourselves the more vulnerable we feel.

We need to feel connected.

We need to feel close to other people.

We need to feel like we have a purpose.

The main driver of our hectic lifestyles is uncertainty.

To deal with the feeling of uncertainty, we cling to distractions.

We make ourselves so busy that we avoid spending any time with ourselves. Because when we are alone we can't avoid digging deep. And facing ourselves, our true self scares us.

But fear not, this alone time is the most re-energising, growth propelling action you can take to free your mind from its afflictions. Just think about how much more productive, calmer and happier you could be without a head full of anxieties (or running from that head full of anxieties!)

Just imagine

Imagine what it would be like to disconnect every day for an hour?

To remove yourself from your life of distractions and just be alone, immersed in silence.

Imagine not trying to be productive but instead being lost in nature.

We all need downtime. There is no doubt about it.

Time alone makes us feel replenished as (even if only for one hour) we are not drained by external sources. The quietude gives our brains a chance to rest, the space for contemplation and nothingness. Once we are ready we can start to use this time to dig deep. But first, simply get used to enjoying the time alone. One step at a time.

In order to enjoy being alone, we have to stop letting uncertainty and fear schedule our time.  We must become comfortable with being alone and eventually, facing our truths. It's far better to experience a momentary pain than to a spend a lifetime running from our fears.

See what happens when you give yourself one hour a day. I have no doubt you will find life to be calmer and you get nourished by the space and life around you.


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