Why the most successful people have removed these 5 things from their working day


Successful people know exactly how to manage their time. They have highly productive days and limit their stress levels by staying focused on the things that matter. When they run into unexpected mishaps, they don’t get thrown off course because they are prepared for anything.

If you find yourself regularly wishing there were more hours in your day, cut out these 5-time wasters holding you back.

1. Unplanned mornings

Being successful is tiring. If you leave your mornings unplanned you can aimlessly drift into the afternoon, trying to get through your huge to-do list without any proper strategy. This leads to crucial time-wasting and ultimate unproductivity. Your brain is the most efficient in the morning, so with simple planning, you can take advantage of this time and glide into the afternoon with several important tasks completed.

2. Social media

According to Business Today, social media usage reduces total workplace productivity by 13 percent. With so much to do successful people can’t afford to let their working days fall into the hands of social media procrastination.

Unless you need to be on social media for work tasks, delete or restrict the apps from your phone. Many of us are in a vicious cycle of checking social media out of habit, or boredom, or both. Break this ultimate time-wasting skill and be in the habit of not checking up on Facebook or Twitter, multiple times a day. Not only will this benefit your productivity but also your wellbeing.

3. Worry

High achievers are obsessed with the future. They want to think about where their careers will be next year, what kind of obstacles they could be facing and how they can act now to prevent those potential hiccups.

Foresight is important, but unnecessary and incessant worrying can prevent you from accomplishing tasks that require your full attention, today. Schedule time to brainstorm future plans and needs (because you don’t want to shoot blindly); then, spend the rest of your time focusing on what’s in front of you.

4. Routine meetings

Routine meetings are a waste of time, especially for leaders who have a huge amount of tasks they need to complete. By rule of thumb, never attend a meeting simply to learn information - you can get the same update from an email. Instead, attend only meetings that require your input. Even then, if you are a founder or a leader, send someone else in your place, when you can, unless you're irreplaceable at a particular meeting.

5. Multi-tasking

It's now a common fact, that multitasking, as a form of productivity, is a myth. Despite this truth, many people still try to do everything at once and reduce the quality of each task by doing so.

Slow down so you can focus on one thing at a time. Emails are one of the main reasons we feel forced to multi-task, so rather than let incoming mail disrupt your flow of productivity, schedule two times, during the day, to focus on checking your inbox. That way, you can keep your messages from distracting you and you can continue to be in the zone of your workflow, distraction-free.


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