Why moving abroad could increase your career success


There is a world of opportunity out there. So, why just limit yourself to one country, right?

If you are considering relocating for career purposes, then you should know that it’s one of the best moves you can make. Moving abroad, whether short or long term, can help you gain valuable experience, open your mind, expand your existing skills and network and turn you into a well-rounded and desirable professional.

But, working overseas is not always as glossy as it seems. The early stages of moving that can include getting a job, visa and home often come with large amounts of stress. You are essentially starting from scratch, socially and professionally whilst navigating a new land. The obvious benefit is that you are constantly learning when you travel, so you will return (if you ever do) to your home a far more developed version of you.  If this sounds like something you want to do, then read on.

Here are all the reasons you should consider moving abroad to increase your career success.

1. Getting your dream job could be easier

Getting a job in the UK is by no means easy. In fact, unless you have a CV full of achievements and some lengthy work experience it's extremely hard getting a job in your desired career and area and this is precisely where working abroad comes in.

Finding a job in a different country could be a lot easier than back home. You will be a lucrative asset to a new firm and there will be ample opportunity for you to get some industry experience outside of the over competitive UK market.

2 Better work-life balance 

You will be surprised at how many countries in the world are willing to offer you the same type of money for more flexible working hours. You can end up saving far more if the cost of living in your chosen city is particularly low (which if you're from London, it often will be). Either way, your quality of life will be seriously improved and you will be undoubtedly happier. Think of what it would be like to have more time to yourself which you can now spend exploring your new turf.

3. Career opportunities 

Because the job market in the UK is so competitive, there are often more opportunities to work abroad for professionals. This could help when you return home as it’s been proven that professionals with experience abroad have better chances of getting promoted. They are considered as more well-round individuals with a unique experience that other candidates can't compete with.

4. Gain invaluable skills 

Although academic qualifications are still considered essential, employers are currently looking for candidates who stand out, when there's is so many to choose, those that display a unique edge will win. Working abroad will help you gain a unique set of skills that other competitors won't have.

5. Expends your network

Building a professional network will help you at every step of your career. You should be actively seeking professional at all stages in your career.  Working abroad can help you extend your network, globally, making your potential reach far greater. Having a wide-reaching network is invaluable and who knows when you'll need a helping hand.



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