Why boredom can benefit us


Success is rarely built by chance.

It takes long arduous hours.

Thousands of repetitions.

And uncountable days, which didn't actually serve your purpose.

But, irrespective of how utterly boring a task may be. The difference between those successful and those unsuccessful is their tenacity in the face of sheer boredom.

I am not going to say that you will start to enjoy boredom but, you will start to respect it.

Somehow, the best performers find a way to pursue their tasks in the face of endless boredom, even embrace it.

Of course, whenever we hear of success stories, they often leave out the key ingredient. We don't hear of the dry days. The days that don't make beautiful or motivating newspaper spreads. The days that leave you feeling like your pursuit is pointless. But, the truth is, it's those endless, painfully boring days, that make a success story.

How to embrace boredom

1. Be progress orientated

If during your trials (and errors) you are at least using your core competencies then you can embrace the days of boredom knowing at the very least, you are refining your skills.

Without the motivation of bettering yourself, it's almost impossible to push through on tough days.

If you don't feel confident in one aspect of your work (for example the public speaking side) then you should spend every effort learning the basic fundamentals that it requires.

Then regardless of how awful the day is, you can rest assured knowing that you developed your skills. This allows you to celebrate the small wins, even if it feels, workwise that you achieved nothing.

It's much easier to embrace doing something over and over again if you can see progress.

2. Be results orientated

The trick here is to gain your satisfaction from the result rather than the task itself. For example, the beautiful body will come at the cost of pounding the treadmill.

If you are not sure what the result is that use the Seinfeld Strategy. Your only goal is to “not break the chain.” So committing to something and doing it habitually. By shifting your focus away from the activity you dislike, you're giving yourself an opportunity to embrace the mental toughness of committing to something, a challenge you can accept.

3. Be patient

When we get bored we change our practices, we shake up our work and we shift things around. But, what if it worked better just how it was?

Sometimes, patience is the ultimate competitive advantage. Success is often found by practising the fundamentals that everyone knows they should be doing, but find too boring or basic to uphold. It might not be sexy but it works. you don't need to reinvent the fundamentals. You just need to commit to them.

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