When greed takes over...


The most ambitious want a slice of everything life has to over.

They want the biggest challenges in their job.

They want to be highly paid.

They want an active social life.

They want an active life; gym, yoga and dancing.

They want to watch all of their Netflix recommended shows.

They want to make all of their kid's school plays.

They want their cake and to eat it too.

Sound familiar?

The term for this is “greed”. This word might sound a little aggressive. But it reflects the truth. If you want more than you presently have and you know that having it all, is probably impossible, that you are suffering from greed. This doesn't make you a bad person. It makes you human. We are discussing greed not to berate the human condition but to understand how greed undermines our happiness.

Why greed makes us unhappy

If we are always wanting the next big thing, then we don't appreciate what we have, right now.

We get lost in the "want" and forget the "haves". It's that simple.

It makes us rush through our precious lives. Eager to get to the next step. Without pausing to focus on the beauty of the step we are already on.

How to let go of greed

1. Identify the feeling of greed

Recognise when you urge for something new. Feel is as it pulls you in another direction. Notice how it distracts you. Be self-aware when greed strikes you.

2. See the impact of greed

Next recognize what the greed makes you do. Notice how suddenly nothing is good enough until you have the "new thing".

See how it makes you feel stressed, overwhelmed and unsatisfied.

Feel how it clouds your happiness for what you do have. 

3. Try to refrain 

You always have a choice.

You can choose to not indulge.

You can choose to not let greed take over your mind.

You can refrain.

First, when you feel the urge of greed, try to pause.

Rationalise and understand that the greed is just a feeling and you don't need these desires, you just want them. There's a difference.

4. Replace the greed with generosity 

Instead of trying to do everything, choose just one thing.

Ideally, choose something that’s important and purposeful, that will add value to the lives of others.

It doesn't have to be something big.

Let go of everything else and just for a few minutes be completely at one with this thing.

Generously give it your full attention.

This practice enables you to find the value in giving and see the negative impact of greed.

What you will learn is that adding value to others will pave your pathway to success, far more efficiently than greed ever could.


You can still be successful without letting greed take over your entire life.

We can't have our cake and eat it if we also want to be happy.

Stop indulging in the future and start focusing on the present.


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