What can I do to ensure I am being the best version of myself?

best version

A giant question you might think.

But, an incredibly pertinent one to anyone that wants to live their life to the fullest. And let's face it, who wouldn't want to do that?

So, here are some ideas;

1. Identify bad habits

If, when alone, you feel crippled with anxiety about your future. Or, you talk yourself down with negative self chat, when you need confidence the most. These must be ironed out. These habits only bring you down and you can never hope to be the best version of yourself with them.

Write a list and do your best to eliminate every single bad habit on that list. You won't regret it.

2. Create a power routine

What all high-performers have in common is a routine, a set of habits, that they perform every day no matter what. These habits help them show up at their best every day. Some examples: 8 hours of sleep, meditation, any kind of spiritual practice, exercise every day ect ect. Create your optimal routine, spend time crafting it and practice it, without fail.

3. Be present

Whatever you are doing at any moment, whether it be running, cooking or writing. Do that and only that. Focus all your attention on that one thing and think of nothing else. Focused work is the least tiresome and the most productive type of work. If you are doing things half-heartedly, with half the amount of focus, you are only letting yourself down.

4. Slow down

Don't always try and do everything as fast as possible. Slow down, give yourself space, get to know how you do things. Give yourself time to breathe and time to be better.

5. Be yourself

Focus on your strengths. Leverage your weirdness. Be different. Just be you. Follow your intuition and let your gut instinct guide you, that is what it's there for. Following your gut will lead to your inevitable happiness.

6. Foster your relationships

Call your friends, your parents, those special people you don't get to see as often as you'd like. Keep in touch with your network of people. Make your connections stronger. Do you best for them, be generous with your time and advice, be supportive and open your heart. This is the path to long-lasting relationships - you can't do life alone, do don't try to.

7. Laugh

Start with laughing at yourself. Talk crap with your friends and laugh together. Watch a comedy. Read jokes or funny short stories. Relax. "Laughter is more essential for the survival than fighting," said James Altucher. And it will certainly pull out the best from you

8. Become a master of your passions

Whatever drives you. Gets you to wake up at the crack of dawn and drives your every step - become a master of it. Read everything there is to know. Buy books, watch films, do everything you can to be the best you can be when it comes to your passions. Anything less is a disservice to yourself.


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