The four way win (a work-life-balance guide for busy people)


What we all want and like talking about is a work-life balance.

However, for most of us, we can't commit to drastic changes, right now. We can barely keep up with our hectic schedules as they are and to add other commitments, well that's just a step too far.

So, this blog is for all the people that value the concept of a work-life-balance but simply have no time to implement it.

Enter, the four-way-win day. This beautiful tongue twister of a concept can help you to reorganise your time.

It's a basic checklist, you have complete daily, to ensure all of your wellbeing needs are met.

Because, and sorry to be morbid, we would all hate to wake up one day and realise that we've let our lives pass us by because we have been "too busy".

How to Do It

This wonderful concept comes from Stewart Friedman, director of the Work/Life Integration Project at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and author of Leading the Life You Want: Skills for Integrating Work and Life.

Friedman says you need to think of your life in terms of four different domains: work, home, community and self. The goal is for every day to be a “four-way win,”.

The Four-Way Attention Chart

The first step is to create a “four-way attention chart.

Create three columns; "Present valuation", "desired valuation" and "overlap".

In the "Present valuation" column, assign a percentage to each domain based on how much time you give to it (how much you presently value it). For example, if you spend as much time with your family, as you do on all the other aspects of your life combined, assign 50% to “home.”

In the second column, "the desired valuation" write down how much time you wish you spend on each domain.

Next, in the final column figure out where your two columns overlap. For example, maybe you exercise with your family or do charitable events for the community with your work colleagues. The more overlap you have the better alignment and harmony your life has.

So the two objectives from your four-way attention chart.

  1. Figure out how to get your two "valuation" columns reflecting the same numbers. This might take some planning and you should write how you plan underneath the column so it actually happens
  2. Try to create more overlap so that your desired valuation targets can be met in a more harmonious manner without making drastic life changes.

Always remember, if you feel conflicted and you can't be in all four places at once, then speak to those around you.

Speak with your boss, with your family and with your friends.

Reason with people and make them know that you care.

You'll be surprised at how many people feel the same and also how sympathetic your boss may be!

Good luck


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