How technology adds more hours to your day


As technology evolves, so do the fears of it’s impact on our personal lives. Whilst it’s normal and at times, warranted to be nervous of how technology is going to effect our brains (and social skills) there is also another, more positive, side to the coin.

Technology can give us back some of our precious time so that we can have personal lives and a career. What if instead of viewing tech as the downfall of humanity, we considered it as a way to enhance our lives by helping us to make more time to spend with the people we love? Let’s face it, working days are not getting shorter but we can find ways, with the help of technology, to live and work without burning out.

Here are some of the ways tech can add more hours to our 24 hour day;

1. Organization

Apps like Evernote syncs all of your to-do lists, documents and reminders in one place. Helping you to never forget anything. It also gives you the freedom to write ideas and your to-do items in a safe place, where you will be reminded to execute them. Dropbox is another life-saver, keeping all your files, photos, docs, and videos in one place – you can share your files with anyone even if they don’t have an account and everything is automatically synced and backed up – it means you have access to your files, from anywhere and you don’t need to be chained to your desk when it matters most. Finally, if you’ve ever needed a personal assistant, the app 24me is for you. Your calendar, to-do lists, accounts, and documents are centralized in one place, and your errands can be completed by one tap. You can receive billing, event, and birthday reminders and even have the app pay your bills and/or send gifts to friends. The app goes as far as telling you when you should leave for your commitments based on current traffic.

2. Productivity

Ever wonder how many hours a day you waste doing nothing productive? Well, theres an app for that. Hours will track the time you spend on tasks versus the time you spend on distractions. At the end of the week it gives you a ROI of your time. This helps you see how you utilize your hours each day and eliminate any waste. For powering through your to-do list, Momentum is a focus app. It seeks to keep you focused on one task a time and if you deviate from your task, it reminds you of your working objective. It can be used for tasks, but crucially it helps you to form healthy habits for long term changes in your productivity.

3. Work/Life Balance

There are some great apps to help you strike the ideal balance between home and work, for example Way of Life helps you to eliminate bad habits that get in the way of your work/life balance such as, lack of sleep, poor diet and develop good ones instead. You create daily/weekly goals and track whether or not you are meeting them. Another golden gem is Cozi Family Organiser, the app allows you to manage and sync your families appointments and activities so that you never miss out on your child(s) special event or even story time. The app even allows you to collect memories such as favourite restaurants/recipes so that you can be there for your family, amidst workplace chaos. Other helpful apps you should download are your grocery shops app – this can simply be downloaded from their website. This allows you to order your weekly groceries, from your desk, for delivery at a convenient time at your home – saving you time and unnecessary stress.




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