How to make every day mentally healthy


Sleep, wake up, work. Repeat. If this is your daily routine, you may be setting yourself up for a miserable existence.

We have to take action and create healthy habits today, otherwise, our lives can pass us by before we know it.

Creating healthy habits allows you to reign more control over your life and enjoy each and every day.

Being conscious and enjoying every day encourages a mentally, healthy existence.

1. Wake up with mental space

Don’t start checking your emails as soon as you hear your alarm. Allow yourself space to wake up. Even if it’s only 30 – 45 minutes – this non-tech, non-work related space, makes the world of difference to your day.

2. Work out

People tend to feel more depressed when they neglect their bodies. Make sure that you schedule time for yourself to work out, even if you don’t feel like it. It significantly boosts your health, self-image, and mind.

3. Get lost in fiction

Whether you prefer to read or watch, getting lost in another reality can help to reset your mind and flareup your creative juices. That stimulation makes your day smoother by thinking differently, solving problems in abstract ways and, most importantly, makes you happy.

4. Write poetry or a diary entry

However you prefer to mark a day, just make sure you do it. Some people like to write poems as they find it easier to recreate atmospheres than write objectively about their day. Other people write diary entries as they find it therapeutic – they can also compare entries to other days – to mark progress. Both writing styles can increase your self awareness and appreciate for each and every day. It keeps your mind open to the small details in life and is an incredibly healthy habit to have.

5. Check in with your family and friends

Surround yourself with your biggest fans. Create circles of support around you. Validate your friends and family and also make yourself feel stronger as they support you. These people are exactly who you need at the end of a stressful or upsetting day and visa versa. Make sure you schedule in time for these important people.

6. Don’t forget to play

Going back to your childhood can rejuvenate your soul. Take a walk in the woods and just wonder at the nature around you. If you are blessed by young people around you then play and laugh with them. Or listen to music from your childhood.



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