Are you ready for Generation Z?

generation z

Generation Z is about to take over the “millennial” hype. They consist of the generation born between 1996 and 2010 – and are set to make up one-fifth of the workforce by 2021.

Unsurprisingly Generation Z differs quite significantly, to their millennial predecessors and bring a whole new set of ideas to the working world. Unlike Millennials, who are driven by purpose, Generation Z has grown up through a recession and the fear of it happening again means they are motivated by money and security.

Their new set of ideals mean they will make waves in the workplace and if employers wish to retain them, they should respond accordingly. So, if you want to be well-prepared for the new wave, consider three core Gen Z traits and how they can benefit your business.

1. Make tech your priority 

Generation Z lives and breathes tech. They don’t know a life without it. To reckon with this new wave you need to make your workspace a truly digital environment. This not only pleases Gen Z but it also makes your workspace the most efficient space possible.

Forward-thinking organizations like PwC are making digital fitness (as they call it) a business imperative (read more here)

As a rule of thumb, anything that can reduce the friction of getting work done or smooth workflow is fair game for an upgrade.

2. Feed the Generation Z hunger for competition 

Generation Z is fiercely independent and competitive, They’re not afraid and even like some healthy competition with their teammates.

A great way to create cohesion amongst Generation Z and your team is to run some in-house competitions among your staff. Technology again provides a creative solution but equally, anything that proves their worth, within the context of your organization will quench their competitive thirst.

Investing in their competitive side could provide value for your organisations future. think about innovation projects or think tanks which, if liked, could see some incredibly beneficial ideas being implemented.

3. Design your space to encourage “togetherness”

Interesting statistics to take into account, if you really want to understand Generation Z, are as follows;

  • They have startlingly high levels of loneliness within Generation Z, which topped the UCLA Loneliness Scale with a score of 48.3in a recent Cigna study.
  • Other research shows high levels of anxiety and distrust among Generation Z, pointing to their social media childhoods and being raised during the recession.

Designing a space that encourages collaboration, openness and a feeling of togetherness will help this new generation to do their best work which may provide instrumental value to their growth.

Over the past two decades, organizations have paid attention to the unprecedented mindset of Millennials. Now it’s time to do that again for Generation Z. Getting the most out of employees does take investment, but in the long run, it reaps rewards for organizations who have created the perfect space for success.


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