Sunday night sleep anxiety.

sunday night sleep anxiety

Yes, you're not alone, Sunday night sleep anxiety is a thing. Research suggests that 60 percent of workers have their worst night’s sleep on Sundays.

Our Sunday night sleep anxiety is a combination of things. Most of us throw our biological clock out of whack by sleeping in late and throwing away our otherwise militant sleeping routines during the week. Alcohol and caffeine may also be culprits too. On weekends we tend to booze more and later into the night causing us to drink coffee later too.

In addition to this, stress and anxiety about the week can spike on Sunday night. It's like your brain is well too aware that the fun will be over soon and you'll have to start thinking about the real world of work. As the thought of Monday floats into your mind you grimace and as soon as your head hits that pillow you think of all the thing you have to do...

For some, part of what makes Sunday night sleep anxiety a different animal is that we become rebels, it's not just that we have trouble sleeping, but we actively try to stay awake longer in a knowingly vain attempt to ward off the morning. Staying up late to catch the end of the film we are watching seems like a great idea (because it's technically still the weekend right?) but come Monday when we are tired, miserable and needing more sleep, it's an easily regrettable decision.

So what can we do about Sunday night sleep anxiety?

1. Don't sleep late

Lie ins can be tempting. But try to limit them, they throw you circadian rhythm off wack and come Sunday night you'll be sleepless.

One of the most rewarding things about healthy, consistent sleeping hours, is that it takes the bite out of waking up during the working week. Your body is prepared for that early alarm clock and you can rise out of bed pain-free.

Plus, think of all the extra fun you can have during the weekend in the more hours you are awake.

2. Get excited about Monday

Start to build excitement for your working week. You must enjoy your job or your life will be miserable - and if you don't then it's time to think of a career change.

Start to think about all the ways you can better yourself.

Think about what you will achieve this coming week and how you will do things better than the week before.

Start some healthy competition with yourself, it's a sure way to add some excitement into your coming week.

3. Take some organisational time

Spending 15 minutes on a Sunday prepping your Monday can ease any anxiety you have about the next day.

Think about it, it's better to do it in this self-imposed window, than in bed when you are trying to get some rest.

Draft a list of everything you need to do and anything else you are worried about. That little list will take limited time and is the perfect medicine to combat your Sunday night sleep anxiety..


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