Stand-alone Masterclasses

Lasting between 2-4 hours, our intensive stand-alone Masterclasses allow your people to practise their outcome-based communication skills in specific work-related contexts. It’s fast and it’s intense. Much like your lawyers’ working environments.

Please choose one of the conversations listed on our Training Topics page, or contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for and we’ll tailor the masterclass to your needs.

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Whether it’s mastering how to ask the right questions in client negotiations, becoming comfortable delivering difficult feedback to their team, delegating, or refining their personal impact skills for a critical pitch presentation.  It’s your choice.

Using our win:win PCA Outcome-based Communication®  model for each chosen context, we take traditional course topics and give your lawyers an experiential conversation-focussed learning environment. It’s about turning every conversation into a profitable transaction for your lawyers and your firm.

Our Multi-Stream Practice Framework gives small concurrent coaching cohorts the maximum opportunity to practise their skills, with time to digest feedback and work on specific development needs. We also use a mixture of plenary activities and forum theatre to cater for all of the learning preferences in the room and to inspire maximum participation levels.

The framework also ensures that delegates get twice as many opportunities to practice as they would typically receive in a traditional workshop – this ensures that you get a maximum return on your training investment.

You can choose how many delegates attend, how long the masterclass lasts and the level of practice intensity that you need your people to experience.

Please see our Training Topics page, for a list of the conversations and People Skills Competencies we currently offer training in.

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PCA Law research (2013) into training received by 500 members of professional service firms:


  • Only 1 in 6 lawyers said their training had made a significant difference to how they worked
  • Over 50% said that after just 12 months, they didn’t behave any differently at work as a result of their training
  • Just 1 in 4 said the training was highly relevant to their work
Stand-alone Masterclasses - PCA LAW