Critical Conversation Programme

Running over a 12-month period, our six-module flagship programme uses PCA’s Outcome-based Communication® Model to help lawyers understand the financial implications of all the critical conversations that make up a law firm. As a result, they’ll  be able to align these everyday ‘transactions’ with your firm’s longer-term commercial strategies.

Covering all your People Skills Competencies, it’s our most comprehensive programme, and we work with you to link it to bottom line results.

Unlike anything else available on the market, the Critical Conversation Programme finally takes the ‘soft’ out of people skills training and will help your firm stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing legal sector.


The CCP is able to cover the following People Skills Competencies (you can choose just one, or all six, depending on your people’s needs):

Client Relationship Management, Business Development, People Management, Personal Impact, Career Management and Project Management

For a full list of the specific conversations associated with the above competencies please see our Training Topics page.

Using six four-hour masterclasses spread over a 12-month period, the programme gives participants an opportunity to put their learning into practice between sessions. This also allows for extra coaching sessions and peer-to-peer check-in, should you decide it’s needed, as well as critical reflection time for the participants.

We will work with you to link the  programme to some specific bottom line objectives for all your participants, so that you can track the ROI for the programme, as well measure the performance progress of those on the Critical Conversation Programme.

As with all PCA Law’s training solutions, the opportunity for practice will be a critical part of the masterclasses, using a mixture of forum theatre and our award winning Legal Realplay™. You can then choose the level of practice intensity, as well as the number of people you want to put through the programme.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Critical Conversation Programme, or find out how it can transform your people’s mindset and application to all of their People Skills, simply get in touch.

Critical Conversation Programme - PCA LAW