Advanced People Skills Courses

Our Advanced People Skills Courses are designed for those audiences who need some gold standard training focussed on one particular People Skills Competency. Using three four-hour masterclasses spaced over a three-month period, you can choose from a range of competencies – from Client Relationship Management to Personal Impact.  Whatever the competency, we will populate it with the conversations most relevant to your people.

Please see our Training Topics page for a full list of our six People Skills Competencies and their related conversations. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just get in touch so that we can create the perfect course with you.

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We space these courses out over three months so that participants have the chance to reflect on their learning and put their new skills into practice.  It also gives you the option of adding some coaching or peer-to-peer bolt-ons. Critically, using three shorter masterclasses, rather than the traditional 1 or 2 day approach, we also ensure that your people never have to leave their desks for more than four hours at a time. And we know that when it comes to lawyers, time is literally money.

Another time-saving technique we use is our award-winning Legal Realplay™ – because of their legal backgrounds and experiential training expertise, our team can use this nuanced training tool to bring situations to life on the spot, avoiding your people having to spend hours that they don’t have, preparing lengthy case studies in advance.

You can choose how many delegates attend, the exact conversations we focus on and the level of practice intensity that you need your people to experience.

If you would like to discuss our Advanced People Skills Courses, to see how we can create the perfect training solution for you, simply get in touch.

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