One simple trick to boosting your memory


Can you remember what happened 3 days ago? It’s difficult for us to pin down the value of our working days, when we are so busy. However, each day matters and to think we could forget what we achieved, on any day, is a crying shame. To avoid this mishap, try this very simple trick.

Make Time to Reflect

According to research conducted by Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino, those who take the time to take in each day are more successful, memory-wise.

The best things is, all you need is 15 minutes. 

Over the course of the research study, participants were asked to either reflect on their day when their shift ended, or to continue along as they normally would. Those who needed the 15 minutes to journal about their activities were also relieved from their job earlier.

After 10 days, the results of the study showed that those who reflected on their workday at performed nearly 29 percent better than those who did otherwise.

Why Those Reflective Minutes Matter

When we spend time to reflect and write about our days, whether it’s a few minutes or 15 as the research study suggests, we essentially add context to our working life. We have hectic working days, we undergo stress, tackle challenges, and accomplish tasks, and when our day is complete, we need to process all of this for it to make sense. Otherwise, honestly what is the point?

Once we reflect on our experiences, we are better able to examine ourselves and actions and improve upon them.


It’s important to take the extra step and write down your reflections, thoughts and feelings at the end of the working day because otherwise it will be difficult for you to remember. If you really think about it recognising and understanding the effects of our life experiences is a fundamental part of our existence – failing to do this simple makes it harder for us to achieve our goals.


Author: Leila Mezoughi

Leila is PCA’s Head Editor and Researcher. She holds a 1st class Law with Business degree and became a published author at 25. Former crime investigator turned business journalist. On a mission to show businesses that presenteeism is a thing of the past. Everything seems impossible until it’s done. Typically found working from a white beach in South-East Asia embracing rapidly changing technology.

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