Why you need to create intraprenuers not employees

Intrapreneurs are completely different from employees. They have a different mindset and they bring you dramatically better results than employees. An "employee" is someone who wants to be managed. They want you to tell them what to do.

Think about how much time you could save if you had employees that thought for themselves? Being an entrepreneur is not being a manager, they are two different roles.

Imagine if your employees came up with innovative ideas to make your work-life and business better. Well, stop imagining because it happens for some entrepreneurs who instead of having a team of employees have a team of intraprenuers.

What are intrapreneurs?

An intrapreneur is someone who thinks like an entrepreneur but is an employee within an organization. They get all the benefits of being an employee such as a steady salary, but they are ambitious and want self development. They bring ideas to the table and know they can impact decisions. Your intrapreneurs drive organizational change.

How to get intraprenuers

Intraprenuers are created by business owners. In her article for Entrepreneur online  explains that intraprenuers grow in organisations with the following 6 characteristics 

  1. There is a clear process allowing employees to communicate their ideas
  2. There is a clear structure for the type of ideas that are relevent
  3. There are monthly meetings for new ideas
  4. Once the idea is pitched by the employee it enters an evaluation process
  5. Once the idea is evaluated the employee is responsible for the research. Who will the idea help? Will they buy it?
  6. Finally the idea has a detailed swot analysis before it is implemented (if at all)

Ignoring innovation is the best way to kill employee morale and experience high-talent turnover. To avoid this, develop an internal culture that all employees can use to bring ideas to the table This will encourage your intrapreneurs to contribute and now your business.

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