Increase happiness and success will follow

Happiness & Success

It’s a fact. The happier and more positive you are, the more successful you become, both personally and professionally. Positive phycologist Shawn Anchor, has become one of the worlds leading experts on the connection between happiness and success. His research has captivated the attention of many top CEO’s and here is why…

Anchor’s research revealed that happiness isn’t ancillary to success, instead happiness generates your success and even influences the success of those around you.

The happiness data

Through several studies, Anchor analysed our brains performance when we feel happy and when we feel sad. Quite simply, when the brain is happy it releases the hormone dopamine. This hormone has various effects on our brain however something special happens when we are in working conditions. Dopamine increases our ability to absorb information and adapt to challenges. Significantly Anchor’s research found a;

  • 31% increase in productivity
  • 37% increase in sales
  • 40% higher likelihood of promotion
  • 3 x increase in identifying solutions to problems

“Happiness is actually one of the greatest competitive advantages in the modern economy”, argues Anchor, this is because, he continues, entrepreneurs with a positive mindset embody the characteristics of leaders and are typically more creative, driven and personable. Furthermore, happiness in a workspace is contagious. Positive leaders can influence their colleagues to adopt a positive mindset and in turn generate increased business success.

Is happiness for everyone?

There is strong support for the argument that happiness is a choice. Many people believe that they are genetically predisposed to being happy or unhappy, whilst others believe their happiness is contingent on environmental factors. However, research shows that 90% of our happiness is determined by how we, individually, view the world with only 10% predicted by external factors.

Steps to increased happiness.

Anchor suggests three ways to start incorporating positivity into you, your life and your career. He advises  choosing only one of the ways listed below and implementing it everyday for 21 consecutive days.

  1. List three things you are grateful for every morning. By looking at the positives in your life, the brain builds new thinking channels to turn pessimists into optimists.
  2. Write down one meaningful experience. Each day reflect on the last 24 hours and jot down a meaningful experience and why. This will increase a better sense of self-awareness and encourage the brain to understand where you find happiness.
  3. Spend two minutes a day thanking someone in your support network that has helped you in some way. Anchor suggests picking a different person each day. Your brain will start to realise how much  support you have which in turn will increase your confidence and happiness.

This articles used the helpful information published by Huffpost Business, in their blog post titled, The Business Case for Being Really, Really Happy.

Find out more about Shawn Anchor here.

For help or guidance on how a career coach can change the mindset of you and your team read here.

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Author: Leila Mezoughi

Leila is PCA’s Head Editor and Researcher. She holds a 1st class Law with Business degree and became a published author at 25. Former crime investigator turned business journalist. On a mission to show businesses that presenteeism is a thing of the past. Everything seems impossible until it’s done. Typically found working from a white beach in South-East Asia embracing rapidly changing technology.

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