How to start a self-development strategy


Self-development allows you to be the best version of yourself.

You can address gaps in your knowledge, break down mental barriers, enhance existing skills and learn new ones.

Everyone will have different self-development goals and it can be anything from improving physical fitness or self-esteem to learning more skills to enhance your career.

Whatever you choose to do, the business and personal benefits of self-development will be astounding.

Once you decide to commit to personal self-development goals, utilise this list of great strategies, created to help you reach your targets;

1. Set clear actionable goals

You have to have very clear goals. You have to understand exactly what you want to achieve so that further down the line you'll be able to measure your success.

2. Write your goals down

Committing your goals to paper (or your laptop screen) makes it more real. Your goals become a target and if you don't work on them you are letting yourself down. An untouched to-do list will not let the most ambitious sleep.

3. Start small

Break your goals down into small actionable steps. Not only does this look less overwhelming if you're already busy but it actually motivates you to start - because it doesn't seem like such a big task. Reaching small, more achievable self-development goals empowers and encourages us to continue.

4. Improve existing skills

When it comes to self-improvement, we can often concentrate on learning something new. But sometimes it can be more beneficial to improve your existing skills i.e improve your strengths and not your weaknesses. This is beneficial to career orientated, self-development goals, why focus on being the jack of all trades when you can be the master of one?

5. Be thorough

Instead of doing a broad surface approach to your self-development goals, really commit to one and get under its skin. Think about every angle of your goal. Research it intensely, understand who the experts are in that particular field. Watch videos, reach books. Eat, sleep and breathe it and make sure that when you look back at how you approached your self-development goal, you are satisfied that did all you could to commit to it. If you do it, do it well.

6. Treat it like paid work

Put your self-development, as high on your list of priorities, as your paid work. Unless you really take your self-development goals seriously, your new learning will be sidelined and you'll deny yourself the opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

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