How to remove your fear of missing out


Do you ever find yourself longing to be somewhere you are not?

Well, it happens to all of us. We have to make some tough decisions about our career and sometimes that means missing out on things. This can be the opportunity to work on a meaningful project or even a family reunion. Whatever it may be that's tugging at your heart, just know you're not the only one that feels FOMO (fear of missing out).

So when FOMO strikes here is how to deal with it.

The only way to deal with your fear of missing out is to embrace it. One of the most painful aspects of is, feeling stripped of your choice. You feel that because of your hectic life you have no liberty. Well, actually you do. You may have a busy schedule but in fact, you've chosen to be where you need to be.

Appreciate the value of your choice to say no. You have chosen to invest and dedicate yourself to your future success and that is something to be proud of.

For example, if you're missing out on what you perceive to be important opportunities by saying no. Think about it. You are more than likely too busy, frequently stressed, overworked and dangerously close to burnout. So look at it this way;

So, saying no to more opportunities means

  • You are going to give priority to what’s in front of you
  • You are going to create space for mental health, self-care and in order to avoid burnout
  • You are committed to the work that in front of you and that's the most value you can give to it.

Dealing with the feeling of missing out

Even if you do rationalise why the missing out is good for you, it still hurts.

So if you notice yourself struggling with this pain don't feat, it's actually an incredible doorway to transformation.

Here’s how you might practice:

  • Stop and notice that you are feeling the pain of missing something important.
  • Pause and let yourself feel this pain. Focus on the feeling instead of the thoughts. Embrace this pain and don't run away from the feelings.
  • Ask yourself if what is before you is less important than what you have said no t0. Asses the damage - could you reasonably leave your commitments, right now, without seriously damaging your career? If not, you are clear on your priorities.
  • Remind yourself that you’ve said yes to your present priorities That this pain and fear of missing out is the price of your commitment and that's ok.
  • Remind yourself that you would feel greater pain, in your future, if you throw away your present commitments.
  • Feel proud of your commitment to whats in front of you. Feel strong and brave that you have the courage to commit to your success.

Learn to trust yourself. Understand you have made the right decision. The best way to deal with your fear or pain of missing out - is to face it. Learn to validate yourself. Learn to have the courage to deal with everything and it's ok to feel the pain.

In the end, success requires that sometimes you miss out on other important things. It’s unavoidable. But, rest assured that what you're working towards, is worth it.

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