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    Author: Chris Fuller

    Used to working in pressurised environments and excel at finding effective, commercially-minded solutions that meet both budgetary and deadline constraints. With strong negotiation and communication skills, I’m able to work effectively at all levels within an organisation, independently and as part of a team. My portfolio of work which shows how I continually achieved my goals in Health & Safety, Procurement, Resource & Strategy Management, Project Management and Relocation Management, to name a few. I am multi-skilled and have an abundance of drive and passion for getting the right job done, by using methodical thinking and organisational skills that I will blend with your organisation’s culture.

    * belief in the organisation
    * desire to work to make things better
    * understanding of business context and the ‘bigger picture’
    * respectful of, and helpful to, colleagues
    * willingness to ‘go the extra mile’
    * keeping up to date with developments in the field

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