How to make any bad situation better

bad situation

Sometimes, things just don't go as we plan.

Whenever we have a big, high-stress situation, the reality is, somethings will go badly. The only thing you can do in these bad situations is controlling your reaction.

Here are 5 tips for managing the worst days and getting your groove back.

1. Put it in perspective.

Whatever is happening, does it really matter? Will it matter in one year? For some situations, the answer might very well be yes—e.g., a job loss ect but think about how when one door closes another opens.

2. Accept the bad situation 

Often, most of the negative feelings that come with a bad situation, actually come with our inability to accept it. If we just accept that something hasn't gone our way, we can start to find solutions or even see the positive. it also speeds up our ability to get over a bad situation.

3. Be flexible.

Don't rigidly stick to a plan. If something got going how it should be flexible enough to know when it's time to give up or try something else. For example don't sit through a bad film, if leaving you could have more fun.

4. Don't ruminate on bad situations 

It's easy to beat yourself up after something goes wrong. You may find yourself playing out alternative realities, and what you could have done differently. If there are lessons to be learned then take them but importantly, move on.

5. Make the most of it  

You can choose to focus on a bad situation or you can choose to make the most of it. You can feel resentful and annoyed or you can trust that you are on the right path and doing your best. There is really no point in making a bad situation worse - so if you can always try to enhance your mood and make the most of a bad situation.


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