How to deal with a negative person


We’ve all felt the frustration of having someone in our lives who seems constantly negative.

This can be especially difficult, draining us of energy and turning our minds towards negativity too.

In the words of Oscar Wilde,

We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars

So, here is how to keep your starry-eyed gaze, when someone is trying to remind you of the surrounding gutter.

1. Cut them out

Their inability to deal with their own problems, in a positive manner, is harming you. The best resolution, when faced with negative energy is to cut that energy out.

2. If you can't cut them out, empathise with them

The reality is, this negative person is hurting. You know what this feels like. Empathise with the fact that they are struggling and see how you can help them. They might be truly lost and unable to cope.

Imagine how alone and negative you would feel if you were them?

3. Try to change their coping process

If you can help them, try to guide them towards a different coping mechanism.

If you can't offer them advice than simply have compassion.

They are stuck in a bad habit of lashing out when they feel hurt. You also have bad habits. You are both human.

4. Try to love them

If this person is a loved one, it’s especially helpful to shower them with love. Not only does it help them but, it helps you too. They are in a time of need and no matter how hostile at this moment, it's up to you, as their family, friend or partner to support them.

Even if this person isn’t a loved one you can still open up your heart to feeling love for them.

This is a hurt human. They don't deserve more negativity thrown towards them.

5. Try to focus on their positives

Remember their good qualities, values and good heart. Don't let their negativity overshadow how you see them, it only makes it harder to deal with their negative ways.

6. Try to use their negative energy to your advantage

When someone is being negative, there is an energy that is pouring out of them and into you. It can be an energy that we want to resist. But it doesn't always have to be that way.

We can open up to this energy and use it as proof that we are, untouchable. If we can remain, positive in the face of surrounding negativity than we can what can touch us? Nothing. We will be able to cope with anything life throws our way.

Negativity is just an experience. It's not real. Start viewing it in the abstract and don't give it the importance it needs to ruin your mindset for the day. You are, after all, untouchable.

Accepting negativity from others is a transformative practice that will shift your relationships and interactions with those around you.

You will start to filter out negativity energies and prevent external factors from ruining your day.


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