How to create your own annual review


Why rely on the feedback of others to guide your career? Why submit to the thoughts of your superiors.

Why not take your development into your own hands?

Your own personal annual review allows you to set your own targets and understand where you need improvement.

The idea is to set an actionable plan for your year ahead.

Your review holds you accountable to your goals, helping you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

It's arguably the most valuable thing you can do if you are serious about reaching your goals.

Devoting time to your own annual review is like doing an annual review at work, except usually more productive and always more fun.

Step 1

[Year -X Results]

Look at the goals you set last year.

See what you could achieve and what you couldn't. Don't figure out why (that's step 2) just focus on the bare bone results.

This data can be inputted as specific as you like. For example, spend more time with family 60% success.

This will be column one "[Year -X Results]"

Step 2

[Year -X Lessons]

Ask yourself two questions and try to have at least 10 points for each.

It goes without saying, only put answers on here that are within your control. Obviously, if a client pulls out because they go bust, that isn't exactly based on your skills (or lack thereof).

From your answers write a list of lessons that you've learnt.

Try to link (most of) your lessons to your Step 1 Results. You want to see a direct correlation of why things did or didn't work well.

There may, of course, be lessons that you learnt outside of your goals and these are important too.

This will be column two "[Year -X Lessons]".

Step 3

[Year X Goals]

Categorise your future goals. For example family, career, hobbies, community, sport ect

Try to not over-congest this area and stick between 3-5 goals for each category. This keeps your goal setting more realistic and importantly, obtainable.

This will be column three "[Year X Goals]"

Step 4

[Year X Actionables]

This is the action required for each goal

This is the plan. The backbone. The most important part of the process.

Your goals must be measurable.

You can't simply dream up realistic goals without having a solid idea about how you are going to achieve them.

Think of this as the blueprint behind your vision. Be careful, detailed and exact when mapping out your route to your goals.

For example, if you want to save £2000 pounds this year, you will need to save £5.48p per day.

This will be column four "[Year X Actionables]"

There you have it. A simple easy to use personal annual review.

Once you been doing this for a while, it's a great idea to keep a separate page of metrics. Such as;

% increase in income

% increase in clients

% increase in countries visited

and so on.

What are you waiting for? Try it. It could be the best thing that's happened to you this year.

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