How the most successful spend their weekends


The only thing we shouldn't do with our weekends is work.

study from Stanford shows that productivity per hour declines sharply when the workweek exceeds 50 hours, and it drops off so much after 55 hours that there’s no point in working any more. What this means is that people who work as much as 70 hours (or more) per week actually get the same amount done as people who work 55 hours. Those extra hours are wasted.

So make sure work doesn't encroach on your precious weekend and do these things instead;

How the most successful spend their weekends

1) They own their mornings

They value the time not being spent commuting to work and they use their weekend mornings to have "me-time". Whether this is a slow breakfast, staying longer in bed, or reading their favourite book - they make sure their precious weekend mornings are used purposefully.

2) They plan mini adventures

They buy tickets to a concert or play or get reservations for an exciting new restaurant. They even decide to drive to the country and get lost in nature. The best thing is that they don't care who is with them, they'll do it alone if their friends are busy or with their grumpy children in tow - (they'll love it when they get there). They do it to inject newness into their life, which significantly improves their life satisfaction. Studies show that anticipating something good to come is a significant part of what makes the activity pleasurable. Knowing that you have something interesting planned for the weekend will not only be fun come Saturday, but it will significantly improve your mood throughout the week.

3) They Pursue a Passion

Indulging in your passions is a great way to escape the stress of your day job and also opens your mind to new ways of thinking. You can't expect to grow becoming a master of just one discipline. Learning new skills adds incredible value to your life. Whether it's chasing entrepreneurial interests, learning an instrument, reading, writing or painting - anything that you are passionate about, can help stimulate different modes of thought that can reap huge rewards over the coming week.

4) They Disconnect

Disconnecting is one of the strategies on this list because if you can’t find a way to remove yourself from work electronically technically (no pun intended) you've never left.

Making yourself available to your work 24/7 exposes ruins your wellbeing. You can't unwind if you are just an email or phone call away from work stress. If taking the entire weekend off handling work e-mails and calls isn’t realistic, try designating specific times on Saturday and Sunday for checking e-mails and responding to voicemails. However, you decide to disconnect - just make sure you do it.

5) Make sure your weekend isn't just chores 

Chores can totally take over your weekends. When this happens, you lose the opportunity to relax and reflect and you go back to work unrested - this is a weekend, wasted. What’s worse is chores often feel like work so you've just created a 7-day work week. To stop this from happening, you need to schedule your chores like you would anything else during the week, and if you don’t complete them during the designated time, then you move on and finish them the following weekend.

For more fantastic tips on how the most successful spend their weekends, read this great article by Forbes, here.

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