How complaining can ruin your reality


Your mind should be your sanctuary. It should be the cosy place you escape to when everything around you is going wrong. It should be a safe haven, a place that protects you. Imagine if your mind was full of people constantly complaining. Ruining your tranquil sanctuary with their overbearing and loud, whining. Well, the reality is, that when you fill your mind with complaining, you are creating a hostile environment, for which you have no escape. One question, why would you do this?

How complaining can ruin your reality

1.Trains your brain to focus on the wrong things

Complaining trains your brain to focus on the negative things in life. Your mind will be programmed to support your previous complaints with new perceived negative things. Instead of trying to see things positively you start to have a negative default.

2. Negativity makes you unpopular

Just like happiness is contagious, negativity is too. Don't be surprised if people start to slowly back off from you, as there is a direct correlation between complainers and lack of friends. Complaining brings a negative and gloomy atmosphere around you - one that is certainly hostile to others.

3. Negativity breeds more negativity

constant complaining holds you back in life, it reduces your ability to just "get on with it', as you're too busy ruminating about your annoyances. You need to stop complaining today, for a better future tomorrow. Focus on what you is important in your life and forget everything else. Fill your mind with positivity and light and that is exactly what you will receive back from the universe. It's incredible how a small change of perspective can shift your enjoyment of life.

4. Stops you from thriving

Complaining keeps you exactly where you are, on a platform of negativity and irritation. People that don't complain turn negative situations around and make them a positive. Embrace the situations you find yourself in, remember every day is precious and you have to make the most of them. Complaining will never take your forwards only backwards.

5. Kills creativity

Innovation and creativity require freedom of thought. It requires the ability to step outside of the confines of your mind. When you are stuck in complaining mode, you are well within the realms of constraint. Let your mind be free and then the creativity will follow.



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