Experiential Approach

“Exemplary. The combination of law firm experience plus theatre capability sets them well apart from providers of the past.”

Tom Astle, Partner, Hogan Lovells

Bringing learning to life

PCA Law has always believed in the power of experiential learning as a means of developing confidence and capabilities and realising sustainable change.

We offer a variety of experiential methods that bring your learning journeys and events to life by providing your lawyers and business service professional with an opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe place.

All of our methods, ranging from conversation-focused workshop techniques through to high-impact, visceral and immersive theatre-based productions, are contextualised in today’s fast-changing legal sector and environment and are focused on ‘so what’ business outcomes.

Why do we need to experience learning ?

Traditional face-to-face training focuses on a one-dimensional transfer of knowledge from teacher to learner, communicating the ‘what’ but often neglecting the ‘how’, leaving learners unequipped for the crucial stage of application in role.

When we learn content without the corresponding context and experience, attempts to apply learning in the workplace can appear inauthentic to those around us; we can talk the talk, but we can’t walk the walk.

This is because learning doesn’t just happen in our head, it happens throughout our whole body: our head, heart and gut.

So, PCA partnered with neuroscientists and drama-based academics to develop a unique capability around custom experiential learning couched in a multi-disciplinary commercial context and focused on ‘So What’ business goals.

Benefits of Experiential Learning

Lived Experience

Grounded in learners’ organisational context, the participants are just themselves, our facilitators do the rest

Head, Hearts, Hands

Transforms theoretical content into embodied experience of desired behavioural shifts, bridging the gap between theory and practice

360 Degree Learner Experience

Taps into multiple senses to encode learning on multiple levels facilitating stronger recall in the workplace

Simulation Versus Reality

Human brains can’t distinguish between simulation and reality so experiential methods provide real experience of challenges

Stretch Zone

Secure and supportive environment which combines the right amount of adrenalin and emotional stimuli

New Neural Pathways

Easier for learners to replicate confidence and capabilities at work by ‘retracing their steps’ developed in session

What is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning brings together all the best elements of the in-person encounter and fuses them with the stand out qualities of a virtual experience.

Engaging, inclusive, interactive and innovative; hybrid learning delivers the ultimate flexibility for cohorts and teams.

We make use of the latest technology to elevate our connection and unity within global organisations, removing geographical barriers and making the PCA experience available to all.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning uses synchronous live events (both in-person and virtual) and asynchronous digital learning, all of which are circulated from the PCA Hub.

By using a mix of learning approaches, we are able to carefully select individual solutions for specific requirements and outcomes.

Adopting methods of blended learning allows us to create a community with space to connect, provides an opportunity to explore diversity of perspective, and ultimately, creates accountability through self-directed learning.

Our mix of live events and virtual sessions brings learning to life, providing a safe space to practice newly acquired skills and engage in a modern blend of instructional experiences.


Looking for a place to host interactive virtual learning? To create community and human connection? To promote self-directed learning and drive ownership of personal development? To capture and measure the impact of your learning experiences? To create a hub for learning which learners can return to again and again, building momentum around behaviour change?

The PCA Hub is our specialist learning management system designed to provide an engaging blended learning experience.

On the platform, learners will be enrolled in courses to complete tasks and engage in peer-to-peer discussions. Learner progress is tracked, generating reports in the process, and engagement is encouraged via gamification features.

The platform is accessible on all devices, branded to you, and will be complemented by multimedia on-demand content such as videos, podcasts and infographics.

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