Critical Conversation RealPlay™


Cross-Selling-Masterclass We’re looking forward to working with you during your Critical Conversation RealPlay™ practice coming up soon.

As part of the session, you will have the opportunity to practise a Critical Conversation with one of our specialist team.

To facilitate your practice, we would ask you to do the following task in advance of your session – it will not take long and will ensure that you maximise the value of the time you spend with us during the session and that we make sure your learning experience is as tailored and relevant as possible to your every day working context:

Please identify a Delegation Conversation that you will practise during the session.

This might include a conversation with a junior member of your team concerning some work that you would like them to complete for you, or another type of delegation conversation that you find particularly challenging.

You might want to practise a conversation that:

  • you have already had, but would like to revisit to see how you might make it even more effective, or
  • one you might usually avoid but should have in the future, or
  • one that you know you will be having more of in the future (even if, currently, you do not usually have these types of conversations).

Please answer all the questions listed in the RealPlay Questionnaire attached, in respect of your chosen conversation. We will use this specific information to help expedite the practice session on the day.

Please click here to continue to the online Critical Conversation RealPlay™ Questionnaire

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