We focus on 3 Development Cycles that address a 360º set of skills competencies.

Win New Work

with The Business Development Cycle

We target 6 front-line external-facing competencies to make sure your lawyers can develop into your clients’ most trusted advisors


Networking & Cross-selling

How to target opportunities and use an outcome-focused approach to networking and cross-selling to identify new clients


Calls and Meetings

Uncover hooks, identify needs and create credibility quickly, building a platform of relationship trust


Converting the Opportunity

Developing the confidence to use a win-win sales mindset to close the meeting and get the work


Delivering Winning Propositions

Create a client-centric dialogue right from the scoping call, work effectively as a team and articulate your value proposition in a compelling manner


Incl. Pricing, Scope & Billing

Confidence to use challenging situations as a platform for building stronger relationships, including successful fee conversations


Leveraging Relationship Experience

Use client reviews as critical relationship builders to deepen service understanding and identify opportunities for growth

Develop High-Performers

with The Professional Development Cycle

We target 6 critical conversations from your managers’ and supervisors’ internal facing competencies, in order to help them develop and manage high-performing individuals and teams


Career Coaching Conversations

Motivate team members by identifying personal learning objectives aligned with commercial objectives, using a coaching approach


Set Colleagues up to Succeed

Knowing which delegation style to use in order to maximise clarity, ownership, efficiency and mutual confidence


Developmental and Motivational

Collaborative, clear, positive, forward-focused to maximize performance


Performance & Behavioural

Confidence to deliver difficult messages in a firm and collaborative manner that enhances the relationship, without diluting the message


Set Expectations & Motivate

Get the most out of the right people and support career development, with route-maps to implementation


Nurturing High-Performers

Win:win appraisals and performance reviews linked to goals, targets and strategy (personal, team and firm)

Differentiate Yourself & Your Firm

with The Professional Development Cycle

We focus on 6 different professional development and leadership competencies that help to empower your people to drive their own careers, maximise their personal impact and successfully lead others


Owning Your Development

Putting a structure in place to support your career advancement, including helping you to establish a supportive internal network


Brand Me and Visibility

Creating who you are as a professional, enhancing your profile and standing out


Executive Presence

Making conscious behavioural choices that create executive impact and demonstrate credibility


Compelling, Engaging, Memorable

Making the most of critical opportunities to articulate your value, confidently and authentically


Proactive and Reactive

Understanding your audience, creating mutual agendas and building win:win relationships


Choose Your Leadership Shadow

Establish what appropriate leadership looks and feels like in practice for each individual


Clients regularly ask us to run additional training courses, standalone or as part of their larger training programme, or as part of their away day, conference or event

The power of our brain’s storytelling software and how might this impact your bottom line

Primacy, Affinity, Confirmation Bias – why do we need to be aware of them?

The dangers of the perception gap: Feedback, Appraisals, Careers and Clients

Decision-making and the importance of Outcome-based Communication to managing your biases

The 21st Century networking reframe: maximising the number of win:win collaborations

Understanding how to build your Social Capital in order to leverage your Human Capital and progress your personal and business objectives

Overcoming potential barriers to your internal network: geographical, hierarchical, practice

Developing an Internal Network Plan: immediate and wider operational, international strategic and senior strategic

Your role as a leader around change in a volatile and challenging environment

Adopting a mind-set and attitude for change and how it informs your leadership style

The importance of communication in each of the phases of the change process

Creating ownership and accountability for change along the firm’s growth journey

Help participants understand the key components of David Maister’s Trust Equation and how this plays a part in our ability to collaborate and work as a team

Clearly identify the team’s narrative direction and identify an approach to teamwork that ensures that your team or office works in an outcome-based manner that is aligned with their goals and objectives

Examine our different communication preferences and stylistic approaches and how this might influence the way we work with others

Explore some practical tools to help promote collaborative conversations, including finding more win-win outcomes with the right people and building shared agendas

Move Partners towards objective competency-based questioning linked to the firm / team’s requirements, and away from a subjective focus on cultural fit or affinity

Promote the employee proposition, ensure process transparency and manage the candidate’s perception through the confident and effective use of any competency framework and/or scoring criteria

Use the EFRO Questioning Tool to drill down into candidates’ experience to gather specific and relevant evidence (linked to the STAR Tool)

Increase awareness around primacy, confirmatory, recency and affinity bias

Show Partners how to successfully manage and motivate junior colleagues of a different generation, by deepening their understanding of their drivers and very different stylistic preferences (sharing the latest global Gen Y research)

Explore how to create successful relationships with junior colleagues who they might feel don’t always understand the firms’ needs or expectations, communicate in very different ways and have a different set of priorities

Help Partners to get the best out of Gen Y, by increasing their understanding of their career aspirations and explore how to support this in a way that is fully aligned with the firm’s commercial goals

Support the Partners use objective-setting (proximal, distal and learning) as a means of successfully engaging their colleagues in their matters

Explore the impact of the Lawyer Mind-set on self-esteem, self-efficacy and confidence

Acknowledge the value and risk of a High-Performer Lawyer Mind-set (negativity bias, pessimistic thinking strategies and perfectionism)

Understand how a strengths-based approach (skills, resources and experience) can be used to address limiting beliefs

Explore practical tools that enable lawyers to take control in the face of their daily challenges, together with a proactive approach to decision-making that is aligned with long-term objectives

Explore Outcome-based Communication as a key means of building differentiated relationships with clients and colleagues in a saturated, competitive market

Achieve your critical outcomes by having active control over the mind-set with which you approach delivering your message, the precise message and language you communicate, the impact you create and the audience’s understanding of your intention and meaning

Use empathy and generative listening to understand ‘thick data’ and people’s positions, interests and needs

Understand Mehrabian’s ‘congruence’ and assertiveness as means of ensuring you deliver messages in an impactful, authentic manner, without diluting their meaning

Delivered in conjunction with our collaborator, the Olivier Award-winning, Showstoppers!

Reframe innovation as a practical ‘moment-to-moment’ leadership differentiator and introduce the key components of PCA’s i-Quation model: organisational confidence, client creativity and productive failure

Embed organisational confidence through the role-modelling of ‘above the line’ behaviours that are aligned with the firm’s strategy

Adopt a ‘client mind-set’ with internal colleagues to build outcome-focused and valued relationships and leverage their client creativity

Explore ‘productive failure’ and how it can impact on transformational law firm leadership

Raise awareness as to the impact of ‘imposter syndrome’ amongst high-performers and how they can take control of their mind-set, relationships and situations

Explore the relationship between self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-confidence and how to actively choose behaviours that build and reflect self-confidence

Understand what’s holding professionals back by exploring their ‘stories’ around leadership, and support them identify the objective ‘facts’ linked to their past and future success

Offer practical tools that enable professionals to build their confidence levels, progress their objectives and grow: work on the ‘mind-set’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of confidence and The 10 Assertive Commandments

Explore the practicalities of your leadership context and identify your ‘leadership shadow’

Understand the ‘gender gap’ research and the marginal differences between leadership approaches

Support leaders develop high levels of behavioural flexibility as leader effectiveness depends, or is contingent on, the interaction of leader behaviour and the situation

Explore transformational leadership as a central means of building high-performance teams

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