For the first time, in one exclusive report, PCA Law has pulled together a vast body of research threads, weaving an emphatic answer to two critical questions facing today’s legal sector:

How to increase clients’ perceived value of a law firm’s product?

How to drive down business costs whilst improving the quality of service?

The answer to both of these is as surprising as it is emphatic: Communication.

Re-defining communication as a central part of your product offering and recognising it as a critical business process, we show how the top global financial performers have been taking communication seriously for years: Increasing their product’s value and driving down costs.  By analysing the financial evidence, training ROI and the communications training employed by leading organisations across various sectors, we’re able to highlight some telling key statistics.  Law firms’ clients are leading the clamour for lawyers to develop this crucial element of their offering and are starting to shift their buying decisions towards those who are already doing so.

Over the next few pages, we link together Motorola’s ROI, Apple’s Secret Training Manual, Team GB’s Olympic success in the Velodrome and the neuroscience behind experiential training, to show how engaging in business process optimisation and using Outcome-based Communication™ can transform your law firm, both inside and out. Read on, to find out how.

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