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Outcome-based communication is the future.

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Successful law firms have reacted to the rapidly changing legal market by creating longer-term commercial goals and implementing structural changes aligned with their achievement. The next critical piece in the jigsaw is transforming the way your people communicate, with clients and each other, to ensure that your firm realises these goals. This transformation can only be done at the coal face of your organisation – in each and every conversation. It must be part of your firm’s critical business process optimisation, as communication represents not only one of your biggest internal business costs, but one of your most valuable client facing products.

Your people’s outcome-based communication bridges the gap between your firm and the successful pursuit of its goals.

PCA’s Outcome-based Communication®, is a ‘first of its kind’ worldwide. An innovative, cutting edge model of communication, which has been developed in consultation with neuroscientists, leading academics and the only professor to have completed a PHD in theatre based experiential learning. It has been inspired by the book that Bill Clinton called ‘a work of genius’ and Fortune Magazine named as one of the top 75 business books of all time, Robert Wright’s ‘Non Zero Sum’, as well as David Maister’s ‘The Trusted Advisor’. Its foundations also extend to Nobel Prize Winner John Nash’s equilibrium theory and Robert Axelrod’s ‘Evolution of Cooperation’.

The PCA Outcome-based Communication® Model asks your lawyers to always consider their own desired outcome, short and long-term, before they choose the appropriate mindset, intention and impact tools needed to effectively deliver their message. It demands that their communication becomes an active means of achieving these goals, rather than a passive and habitual, sub-conscious, default. Today’s sophisticated clients demand that your lawyers embrace the pro-active communication mindset of the future, rather than rest on the reactive approach of the past.

It is the sum total of each of your lawyers’ communication ‘transactions’ with clients or colleagues that will ultimately define the success or failure of your firm’s commercial growth, so it is crucial that your people frame every interaction with this long-term outcome in mind. They need the tools, awareness and understanding to take control of these minute-to-minute transactions, so that they can shape your firm’s long-term success, one conversation at a time.

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