A set of principles for building your future


What are your guiding principles? When you truly take ownership of what matters to you, you create a set of principles that you live by. You will lead with your guiding principles, in everything you do, why? Because you are creating your own reality.

Your guiding principles will carry you over rough patches and you won't doubt your direction. It's a set of rules that you define, allowing you to reach your predetermined goals. How to define your set of principles? Well, that's up to you but here is a six-point guide which should point you in the right direction:

1. Get clear, be organized

An organized mind is a clear mind. Write down your overriding objectives in life. The blue sky visions. Then put these at the top of your to-do lists and write the steps you need to get there. Not only does this cut unnecessary tasks from your life but it gives you the clarity you need to stay close to your path.

2. Be disciplined

Every day try to do at least one thing you've been avoiding. A quote that I fail to forget is by Jim Rohn "There are two types of pain you will go through in life--the pain of discipline and the pain of regret." Each moment you can decide which you would rather experience.

3. Be optimistic

Don't let your past mistakes or failures shape your future. Be self-aware of any negative baggage you are holding onto as this will only bring you down. Why not aim high? See life in a positive way and you will be rewarded. Your past does not reflect your future.

4. Be thirsty for knowledge

If you really want to be at the top of your game you need to know all there is to know about your field. This can happen by reading two articles or one research paper, about your industry, every day. Imagine how knowledgeable you could be in just 12 months of this practice? Importantly, after a few months, you will really start to sense patterns in your industry - this will allow you to eventually start making realistic predictions about where your market is headed.

5. Embrace others

Networking not only creates potential clients but also increases your understanding of the businesses field in which you operate. Get to know the key people in your area. Never speak badly about others. Embrace new opinions and insights - maybe even make friends. Not all of our learning can be from books. Don't underestimate the importance of first-hand accounts, from key industry players on their experiences in the field.

6. Be Tough

Demand only the highest and best standards of everyone you surround yourself with. This includes setting, demanding and being accountable for high standards yourself. Remember that an organization is only as good as its leader. A great leader is tough, consistent in following his/her rules of success. Never let your standards slide and always do your best work. Words for leaders to live by.


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