8 ways to use fear as a means of motivation


Fear targets everyone. Even the most confident and successful people around you suffer from this common human emotion. The only difference between successful people and everyone else is that they have learnt to use fear as a means of motivation. Instead of seeing fear, as a sign to stop or as a block towards goals, they use it to fuel their next step, here are the ways you can do the same:

1. Be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable

If everything is the same and you get highly alarmed by any signs of change or struggle, you need to work on expanding your comfort zone. Only when you step outside of your comfort zone can you truly develop yourself and your career. Success isn't easy. The only way to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable is to routinely step outside of your comfort zone. You can start small for example, try changing your daily route to work or eating lunch in different places, then move on to the bigger stuff. Before you know it you'll be readily embracing change and it won't feel like such a scary concept.

2. See fear as a lesson

Really spend time unpicking why you feel scared about something. Then fix it. Is it an underlying insecurity? Are you holding on to failure from the past? Whatever it is, see fear as a lesson, helping you to become the best version of yourself. Every time fear crops up use it as a valid and urgent reason to work on yourself.

3. Focus on what you can control

If you are fearing something outside of your control then rationalize this thought. Only focus on what is inside of your control otherwise you are just wasting your time. For example, if your fear is losing your job and not being able to support your family then understand you can't control redundancies or business streamline decisions which could impact your job. However, you can control your performance. You can control how well you network within your industry to make a backup plan. Never feel vulnerable to your fears always make sure there is a solution.

4.Focus on gratitude

Fear is a negative emotion and is usually accompanied by things such as insecurity, sadness or past resentment. Try to reframe your thoughts and think about all of the things you have to be grateful and happy about. For all of the milestones, you achieve in life, make sure to celebrate them well and remember them. This will help your brain to focus on the good in your life rather than the bad.

5. Recognize that a little bit of fear is good

A little bit of fear can motivate us to do the best job possible. If we thought a task ahead was easy, we wouldn't feel challenged by it in any way - lack of challenge in our life leads to unfulfillment and this is a whole other battlefield. Use your fear to push you in the right direction and appreciate it for the little adrenalin boost it gives you.

6. Focus on positive critique

Negative critique can be a huge blow to our confidence. It can destroy us from taking future opportunities because of the fear of failure. So, instead of feeling fearful of repeating a similar experience, focus on all of the good critique you have received in your life. Use this to wipe out the fear and stop doubting yourself.

7. Focus on your future self

If you look into your future and see everything you want to achieve - could you really forgive yourself for letting your fears stop you? In an ironic way, use the fear of never fulfilling your full potential as a driver - your future fulfillment is worth so much more than any fear you may be experiencing now. Don't let your future self down.

8. Utilize support

Understand when it's time to seek expert help to help you with your perceived issues. Don't try and tackle everything on your own. Understand when it's time to seek help. The most successful people in the world have experienced coaches them helping them along their journey. There are coaches for every type of industry from legal coaching, leadership coaching and even non-career life coaching.

For more information on experienced coaches, click here.

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