5 tips for recruiting millennials


Millennials are continuing to dominate the modern workforce. They possess characteristics that are entirely different from their predecessors. Whether or not you agree with millennial methods, employers need this tech-savvy, fast-paced generation to keep their organizations competitive.

The key challenge facing many recruiters when hiring millennials is retention, failure to do so is costly and can be fatal to businesses bottom lines. Whilst the media can focus on millennial bad points, it's important to recognize the numerous advantageous characteristics that millennials can bring to the workplace. If these skills are understood and utilized by employers, in the right way, it can create the perfect win/win environment for millennials and organizations.

So, here are 5 important tips to keep in mind when hiring millennials.

1. Seek to understand their motivations

It is crucial if you want to retain millennials, to understand their workplace needs. Benefits go a lot further for millennials than a paycheck. Millennials want growth and freedom, amongst other personal things that will depend on the candidate. By understanding exactly what they want you can see if they will be a good fit for the role and further, whether you can reasonably meet their needs.

2. They have their own rhythm

Millennials are used to doing things against the grain. They work from home, use tech to make better use of their time and are not afraid to do something different if they believe it will yield a better result. It would be wise to let them operate at their own pace and flow. This doesn't mean extend their work deadlines but instead, measure their performance by outcomes as opposed to hours logged. It will give millennials the space they need to work and also help to support their creative flow.

3.Team Interviews

Team interviews work best for millennials as they enjoy feeling like they are part of a community. It encourages them to open up, try their best and enter into genuine discussions about workplace topics.

4. Focus on questions surrounding values and goals

Questions in an interview about core values and goals will go down well with millennials, who are largely driven by such topics. These type of interview questions help recruiters to examine their state of mind and enables you them better asses whether a particular millennial is a good, long-term fit for the organization.

5. Constructive feedback

Millennials need feedback on their work and it has to be consistent and constructive to motivate them. They want to be leaders and they also want to feel that they are adding value to their work. Feedback allows them to self-develop and also understand how they can better meet their objectives. A key benefit to employers is that millennials are open to new ideas - they consider it an aspect of growth and are patient workers when it comes to achieving their goals.

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