5 of the best morning hacks for successful people

morning hacks

There are many demands on workers today. Trying to fit in your family with work, is one struggle - then tasked with the actual work is a whole other battle. We are constantly teetering on the edge of exhaustion, especially in the cold winter months. However here are 5 successful morning hacks to help you dominate your day and keep your precious free time.

1. Never hit the snooze button.

Hitting the snooze button - this trick, which only ever wins you a few more minutes actually sends a negative message to your brain. You're telling it that a few minutes sleep are more important than smashing your day. Is that true?

2. Wake up earlier 

Statistically, most millionaire and billionaires wake up typically between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Whilst, it may seem insanely early there are actually significant benefits to waking up before the sun comes up. The most important reason is that you add another hour of your day, at a time when everyone else is asleep - peace!

3. Eat right

Drinking water and eating protein, as soon as you wake up, helps you to recover from your sleep-induced dehydrated state and also suppresses your appetite so that you can get focused on your work. Plus, they will sustain your energy levels over a much longer period of time, making it easier for you to keep up momentum throughout the day.

4. Start with an attack list

Figure out the three most beneficial tasks that will help your business. Get on them right away, use the extra hour for errands, tasks or working on your attack list.

When you make your attack list, you need to put the scariest, most time-consuming task at the very top. You will have no motivation to get to the bottom of your list if it's filled with scary items you'll know you have to complete after.

5. Put your phone away

If you can put your phone in a separate room. It's worrying how much our phones distract us and worse, how we just let them distract us.

Scientific studies have proven repeatedly that you cannot multitask. What most people call "multitasking" is just giving shallow focus to a bunch of different tasks for a few minutes or seconds at a time.

Every time you get distracted by your phone you lose the quality of work from the task you were distracted from. This is why the average office worker only gets three hours of productive work done for every eight hours they spend on the clock. Separate yourself from this worrying stat and put your phone away and giving your work the proper focus it deserves.


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