5 easy ways to make your mind and life more peaceful


Many of us live with underlying stress, a niggling feeling at the back of our minds. We are so used to feeling the stress that it becomes our norm.

Even if we don't have obvious symptoms of stress, the hormone cortisol which is released whenever we feel anxiety/stress (no matter how small) has serious, long-term, health consequences. Therefore, for our overall health and sanity, it's important to actively take action against stress, even if we don't feel stress symptoms.

Here are 5 easy ways for you to find mental peace;

1.Notice internal negative thoughts

Nothing clutters our mind more than negative self-talk. When we judge ourselves we are inflicting stress and negativity onto ourselves. It's crucial to pay attention to your thought patterns and notice when you start talking down to yourself - you are the only one that can stop this negative internal chatter - so self-awareness is key. Make a habit of swapping the negative comments with positive dialogue and see the difference you make to your mind.

2. Meditate

Meditation is the best remedy for stress. Not only does it reduce the symptoms more effectively than any pills ever could but it also reduces your chances of suffering from future stress. I have written extensively on mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your life here. Mindfulness meditation is suitable for absolute beginners. It's life changing and has a wealth of scientifically proven health benefits positively influencing your mind and body.

3. Be grateful

It’s always good to anchor your thoughts and gain perspective. If you are living in the west it’s easy to take things for granted, we can get so caught up in our worries or dramas, that we forget just how lucky we really are. Appreciate everything around you at least once a day.

4. Distance yourself from negativity

To feel truly peaceful, you need to cut out any negative energy around you. If you have people around you that speak negatively about others or make negative actions, you should create a healthy distance. Negative energy can also be in the form of habits or lifestyle choices, such as excessive drinking or eating. Take time to recognize what makes you feel at peace and do everything to protect those habits.

5. Keep a diary

Feeling at peace is largely influenced by self-awareness. Writing our thoughts is an excellent way to understand why we feel the way we do. Having the reasons for our emotions physically in front of us helps us to find better solutions. By making time to write your feelings you’re giving yourself the chance to process everything that whizzes around your mind on a daily basis.


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