3 steps to always perform your best at work


Have you ever allowed situational factors to prevent you from doing your best work?

Even if we are consistent high-performers, situational factors such as a change of environment or people can throw us off.

But, fear not. There are certain procedures (i.e the three-step rule), that you can put in place to ensure that you always have consistently high outputs regardless of what is going on around you.

1. Establish Personal Values

Personal values are the guiding light for architecting the future you want. If you define and live by your personal values, it’ll become second nature for you to make informed decisions that result in your values and contribute towards your goals.

If you are still finding out what your personal values are, try writing a mission statement. Start by asking yourself the following questions and build it into a mission statement/ or a set of values that you stick by, no matter what.

What do I want my personal brand to be?
What do I hate to compromise?
What do I want the outcome of my decisions/actions to work in support of?

2. Define Your Workflow

Psychologists have found athletes who visualize and mentally rehearse themselves performing their sport outperform athletes who don’t by 13.5%. So take the time to mentally rehearse your work and increase your workflow, and overall confidence. Not to mention, you won’t be caught gawping like a goldfish when an unexpected obstacle makes you feel like a fish out of water.

Use these questions to define your workflow ;

What is a successful outcome?
What is the best way to work towards the desired outcome?
What could go wrong?
What has worked well in the past?

It's a great idea to use these questions to define each process you undertake at work.

3. Identify & Automate High-Value Actions

60% or less of work time is spent productively.

Imagine a world where you rarely need to spend time on the things that don't matter.

If you take the time to identify and automate your high-value actions, this could easily be your reality. Decrease your time spent on non-essential actions and free yourself up to access higher cognitive functions

Ask yourself the following questions to identify high-value actions:

  • What absolutely needs to be accomplished before I move forward?
  • What enables me to partner successfully with my customers/colleagues along the way?
  • What specific tools make it easier for me, my customers, and my colleagues to work towards our goals?

Once you have these three processes in place you can ensure a high standard of work, no matter where life might take you.

For more information on this process, please read the excellent blog written by Sara Debrule for Hubspot.

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