10 Tips to Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine


“While there are some health benefits of coffee consumption, research also shows that it can actually make you more tired,” says Jeanette Kimszal, a nutrition and fitness expert. “It becomes a vicious cycle of being tired and reaching for coffee only to lead you to become more tired.”

There has to be an improved, healthier way to get energy without all that caffeine circulating in your system, right?

Well, fear not. We´ve gathered a list of the 10 best ways to get energy and raise your alertness without the side effect of caffeine overload.

Rise and shine! From now on,  you can go out on the weekend and stay awake during your Monday morning like a champ! Here are 10 guilt-free ways to boost your performance.

1. Short walk or stretch

A short walk can get rid of your drowsiness. Physical activity boosts your heart rate, metabolism and blood flow. As an alternative just stretch it out, a quick session will pump you up to. Just do whatever you would enjoy the best.

2. Rehydrate

We doubt you spent the night topping up on your water, instead of sleeping. Be sure, as soon as you wake up, to rehydrate with a large glass of water. Water helps to maintain blood volume, allows proper circulation, helps regulate body temperature, and acts as a shock absorber for your brain.

3. Get some air

Expose yourself to fresh air, open your windows, try to get some sunlight if possible. Sunlight helps muscles and improves brain function.

4. Log off before bedtime

Using electronics before sleep has shown to disrupt a good nights sleep and can lead to increased tiredness and less cognitive function the next day.

5. Crank up some tunes

Play something upbeat and positive. Get in the right mood to start a new day full of possibilities and new experiences.

6. Eat more veggies

They are rich in nutrients that keep your energy levels pumping throughout the day and they also keep "false hunger" and unhealthy cravings away.

7. Supplement your diet with magnesium

Magnesium is known for its abilities to break down glucose into energy. Meaning you can add an extra fuel channel into your body!

8. Micro workouts

If you are feeling low, just do a quick stretch, climb some stairs even drop and do 10 push up or simply jump a couple of times to get your blood pumping and oxygen to your muscles and feel an instant kick of energy.

9. Write

Access your mind by writing your thoughts, dreams and how you feel. Even jotting down your to-do's free up your mental space. This is a powerful practice. It helps you to see what going through your mind and encourages you to organize your priorities for the day.

10. Pump it up with some fibre

Usually, a standard breakfast of meat, dairy and process food will inevitably lead you to energy crash a few hours after taking it. A high fibre breakfast will help slow the absorption of sugar and will improve blood sugar levels. Get some fruits and seeds make sure you have it all.



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