10 skills mastered by the most successful


Success can be measured in numerous ways.

Whether you relate success to happiness, independence or power there is no size fits all, it's entirely subjective and depends on what you want from your life.

Saying that, success in an inside-out concept. Regardless of individual success definitions, those who attain their dreams, all master these 10 fundamental skills.

1. Communication 

Soft skills divide the average from the successful. Communication is an art, it takes time and dedication to be able to perform. Effective communication relies on the ability to understand, (on a high-level) both others and yourself. This degree of introspection isn't easy, but it's the key to being a naturally good communicator. Remember, we have to master our own thoughts before we can hope to understand and eventually influence the thoughts of others.

2. Awareness of thoughts 

Watch how you speak to yourself. Do you allow negative chat, such as “I can’t do this?” Or, “this is going to fail?”. If you don’t believe in yourself how can you that expect others will? Success requires confidence and unshakable belief in yourself. During your success journey, you will encounter people that don’t believe in you so you need to find confidence in yourself and not seek or rely on the approval of others.

3. Flexibility 

Steven Hawkings famously said, “Intelligence is the ability to embrace change”. It’s no wonder that the most successful remain flexible and embrace change. We live in a fast-paced world, we cannot predict or control external factors. The only thing we can do is remain flexible and adapt when necessary. This is what makes leaders and encourages others to trust in them. Change isn't scary, it's the future.

4. Make informed decisions

You have to master risk calculation in order to reach success. Without carefully reviewing the pros and cons of your choices you won’t be informed enough to make wise decisions. It's a simple yet often overlooked process you should be applying to every decision.

5. Be honest with yourself 

The most successful objectively evaluate, everything. Don’t make career/business decisions if you feel they are emotionally influenced. Don’t paint a mistake in a less painful light. Be honest with yourself in every way. This will allow you to properly asses your progress and skills and importantly fully understand who you are.

6.Highly productive

Successful people manage to have a family, a love life, a social life and incredible careers. We all share the same hours. in our day, as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Opera and Beyoncé so what’s the difference? The key is using your time well. This doesn't mean working incessantly but it means planning ahead so that you can have routine family breakfasts, meet deadlines and never forget an anniversary. Successful people don’t procrastinate they make every hour count.

7. Read everyday

The most successful read about their industry and more, for at least one hour every day. This helps them to stay on top, spot gaps and seize opportunities. You need to know everything there is to know about your field, in order to dominate it. Discussing the most important points of your industry findings or even writing about them, daily, helps you to really retain the knowledge.

8. Environment matters

Surround yourself with happy ambitious people. They will encourage and support you on your journey. You can also learn things you didn’t realize you needed to learn such as more efficient working styles, industry insights and much more. Co-working spaces are excellent if you’re just starting up. If you're office based, try to create a supportive group of co-workers, who bring out your best side.

9. Learn from everyone

You can learn knowledge from everyone you meet - even 5-year-olds, I mean it! Those who are willing and open to the minds of others will learn valuable pockets of information that will assist them on their journey to success. Keep your mind open and respect the words of others. Further, treating everyone around you with respect helps you to build a circle of trust.

10. Cultivate and believe in gut feelings

You spend your time collecting experiences. You learn what's good and what's bad. You store your experiences in your “gut” and they become intuition. Your gut feeling can tell you if a person is genuine. It can tell you if you’re making a good decision and it can protect you from a variety of things based on your past experiences. Whilst objective, rational thinking is crucial – you’re gut feeling can tell you things that you can’t rationalize but is based on your past knowledge, so don’t disregard it.

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