10 simple ways to stop overthinking


Overthinking causes huge problems.

One minute your fine and the next you are on the edge of your seat waiting for all of your nightmares to come to life.

The weird thing is that even though your fears may feel real and indeed give you the same sweaty anxiety of actual problems - they are entirely fictitious.

They are nothing more than figments of your imagination.

You simply went from 0-60 by just over-thinking. Scary right?

Well, when you overthink, your judgment gets clouded and your stress gets elevated. It can feel so real.

If this sounds familiar then here are 10 simple ideas to free yourself from overthinking.

1. Self-Awareness

Before you can begin to address our habit of overthinking, you need to become aware of it when it's happening. Any time you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious - take a step back. Look at the situation and how you're responding. Verify what's actually real and what is not. In that moment of awareness, if you just take a step back, you can really make some long-lasting changes.

2. Reframe your thoughts

Overthinking is all about negativity. Instead of obsessing over what can go wrong, start to think over what can go right. In the majority of cases, overthinking is caused by a single emotion: fear. When you focus on all the negative things that might happen, it's easy to become anxious and trapped. Next time you sense that you starting to spiral just stop. Visualise all the good things coming your way. Swap the bad for the good thoughts and before long your mind will reframe its thinking to become more positive. 

3. Force yourself into happiness

When we feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts the best tactic is; distraction. Just get up and do happy physical activities such as dancing, learning, running, drawing or meditation All of these things can distance you from the issues long enough to shut down the overanalysis. You'll find that after these activities your brain will have stopped overthinking.

4. Get real

Put things into perspective. It's always easy to create huge daunting problems but how many of them are even real? The next time you catch yourself freaking out ask yourself how much it will matter in five years. Or, even, next month. Get some objectivity and fly out of your over-thinking trap.

5. Stop trying to get it right, all the time

This is a huge factor. For those of us in need of perfection - stop waiting right now. Because it will never happen. Perfection is an idealism. Being ambitious is great but aiming for perfection is unrealistic and debilitating. The moment you start thinking "This needs to be perfect" is the moment you need to remind yourself, "Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress."

6. You only live once

No one can predict the future; all we have is now. If you spend the present moment worrying about the future, you are robbing yourself of your time now. Sound like a postcard but it's true. Spending value time and endless worry on the future is simply not productive. Spend that time, instead, on things that give you joy in life.

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