10 lessons successful people learnt in their toughest moments


Dr Cloud, a clinical psychologist and author of Never Go Back: 10 Things You'll Never Do Again, spent the last decade researching and compiling data on the certain “awakenings” that successful people have—in life and in business. He wanted to understand the significance in their awakenings and whether they could help others on their paths to success.

Although life has many lessons to teach us, Dr. Cloud observed 10 “doorways” of learning that high performers go through.

10 lessons that will make you more successful

1. They never return to what hasn't worked

They never return to the same situation and expect different results. Whether it be a career, job or a relationship they understand that it ended for good reason and respect that lesson.

2. They never pretend to be someone else for a career

In everything they do they ask themselves. Why am I doing this? Does this require me to be someone I am not? Does it suit me? Is it sustainable?

3. They never want to change another person

They understand that they cannot change people and do not try to. When you realize you cannot force someone into doing or being something, you give them their freedom and you keep yours too.

4. Understand they cannot please everyone

They appreciate that it is impossible to please everyone. This simple fact allows them to live more purposeful lives as they only focus on pleasing those who matter.

5. They focus on the long-term

If something requires a lengthy sacrifice or uncomfortable lifestyle for a while, they'll do it. They don't mind taking a painful step because it will give them a long-term benefit. Dr Cloud explains that this is a defining and fundamental difference between the successful and unsuccessful.

6. They never believe something or someone is flawless

They love excellence and believe in its existence however they are unwilling to trust anything that seems too good to be true. They understand that the world is imperfect and successful people question everything.

7. They never take their eyes off the prize

They have their end goal tattoed on their brains. Their overriding objective is written at the top of their to-do lists and reflects everything they do. This allows them to streamline their tasks and time so that they only do the things that actually matter.

8. They always remember that their inner self reflects their outer success

Success often has little to do with external factors. People are most fulfilled by their internal constitution as opposed to external materials. Things like happiness and even feelings of success come from things like feeling secure, high confidence and being self-aware. Succesful people spend a lot of time and effort developing themselves from the inside to ensure they are the best versions of themselves.

9. They never play a victim role

Succesful people take responsibility for their actions and dislike apportioning blame to external factors. Excuses serve little purpose in their path to success. They always ask themselves what part have I played in this? This mindset allows them to learn from their mistakes. They do not see themselves as victims, even when they are.

10. They always perform due diligence

They question everything from investments to productivity hacks. They have a clear understanding of why they do the things they do. They take deep and honest looks at everything which allows them to always make informed decisions. This type of due diligence involves looking comprehensively at their own capabilities and understanding their own flaws. It's no secret that the most successful people in the world have experienced business coaches behind them. If you want extra support on your journey to success then click here for more information.

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